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Albergo Olivone

The Hotel in Olivone was built in 1879 by the brothers Giacomo and Vencenzo Bolla. It was the same time the new road for crossing the Lukmanierpass was built. It plays thus a keyrole in the urban setting of the village.

Since that time the hotel has had several conversions and extensions. Unfortunately some of the former qualities were destroied by these transformations.

Also the road in front of the Hotel has changed. From a romantic horsecarriage pebble-road it transformed into an asphalt-transitroad with cars rushing by. Together with the roads, the stile of travelling has changend too. And thus have changed the requierment to the hotel. It is no longer a roadside hotel providing rooms for passerby travellers but for tourists that, if they choose to stay there, stay at least for two or more nights.

The project tries to react on these new situations and also tries to restore some of the old architectural qualities of the Hotel.

To prevent noisy rooms on the roadside the hotel is extended to the south with rooms to the nature and rooms facing the village.
The main dining room connects the old with the knew and lies between the two gardens that akzentuate the villa like architecture of the Hotel.
A strip of mineral materialized bathrooms separate the bedroom from the hallway to strengthen the retreat-like atmosphere of the rooms.
The outer Wall forms threedimensional windowsculpture that provides different approaches to look at the nature.

ETHZ HS 2012
Professor Gion A. Caminada