dining table

Lounge Force One

A Lounge Chair designed in teamwork with Nikolai Dunkel.

/ soft wood / steel / leather

Modern classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair, or works by danish modernists Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl are famous for their collectibility, being timeless pieces that only get better with patina and age.
Set out to design one yourself however, and you will quickly realize how difficult this is to achieve, and why there are so few famous pieces of furniture. Charles & Ray Eames’ Lounge chair was the accumulation of 9 years of work. Wegners furniture can be understood as one continuous, lifelong exploration, drawing from the many ages of danish cabinet-making tradition before him. Classic British Chesterfields evolved over centuries.
Next to these classics, high-concept furniture often seems like a one-liner after a few years, and our hypotheses is that only a process of trial and error can create furniture that is multifaceted and ambivalent (and therefore is still interesting after 60 years): Heavy, yet light. Massive, yet filigree. Contemporary, yet classic.

We set out to design a Lounge Chair that could fulfill the above criteria and slowly sharpened the ideas through iterations.

As a start we chose a digital approach by collaging images of existing lounge chairs which, in our opinion, are considered "timeless". The rather awkward looking image of this phase was then translated into a 1:1 model.

In this second phase the chair transformed in a series of 1:1 models.

In the third phase we condensed our work into a Prototype of a "modern-classic" piece of furniture.

ETHZ Wahlfach 2012