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Riverhall Sihlquai

A markethall alonside the Riverbank in Zurich. Designed in teamwork with
Nikolai Dunkel.

The first impression we got from the site, was the strong presence of the river, the street and the bridges. It was clear for us that the building should condense these three worlds into a fourth beeing the markethall.

On the further visits we were struck by all the old but sometimes still used steel structures spread along the river. They were always a symbiosis of Steel with a mineral base. So we want the makethall to be read as piece of all these structural buildings. The mineral base we found in the old transmission polder which used to have a iron construction sitting on top, not unlike a powerpole, transmitting the mechanical power from one factory to the other along the river. The ironstructure had been fully removed so that only the mineral base is still existing.

It was now clear for us to build a steel structure connected to this old monument giving it back some of its old glory.

For the construction of Hall itself we were looking at cast iron constructions of LaBrouste. Trying to translate them into a contemporary language.

A picture showing our site with the bridges and the swimming area built into the river, strangely merging the structures as though they were one building gave us a starting point of the spatial idea for the hall.

ETHZ HS 2011
Professor Tom Emerson